9 Tips for students in York

Posted August 29, 2019

Jay – Astor York

You’re coming to study in York! The historic home of great universities, beautiful architecture, vibrant culture, and the best quality of life – how exciting! Like any new adventure, the emotions are running at an all-time high, the logistics have you pulling your hair out and the unknown awaits! To ease some stress and ensure a smooth transition into your first step of being a Yorkshire local, below are some great tips to get you started.


Beautiful York offers cheap reliable bus service to and from campus, via the city centre on regular time schedules 7 days a week. This is the most popular means of transport amongst students, closely followed by bicycle & foot. You can take bus 66 from just around the corner of Astor York. Being such a flat city and tailored for the growing student population York is fantastic for cycling to and from campus. There are several new, used and recycled bicycle stores to grab yourself a great set of wheels to impress all your soon to be friends on campus – and you will be able to storage it safely on our bike shed!

Get familiar with the city

We highly recommend getting up to speed with the landmarks of York: the city walls, the Minster, Clifford’s Tower etc. Not only do they make for great Instagram post, making all your friends and family back at home jealous. Extra tip: they are often used as meeting points or references when receiving or giving directions “meet by the minster” or “turn left after the shambles”.

Shop Smart

Let’s face itcities can be expensiveconvenient places to shop, and the cheaper, slightly off the beaten path stores. This is especially important when buying groceries as some great savings can be made and cash can be put towards Friday afternoon pints! The city centre is peppered with small local Sainsbury and Tesco’s, which have all the great necessities, but are marginally more expensive and have less range than the larger supermarkets lining the outskirts of the city centre (easily accessible by foot / bike / bus).

Find your local 

Like any new city, its important to secure yourself a new local! After class drinks with peers, stress-relieving pints & celebration gins are a popular go to for many students, making the bar and pub scene in York absolutely amazing! Be sure to keep an eye out for exclusive student discounts on food and drinks many venues in the centre and neighboring areas offer. Lucky for you, our Flamingo Bar is open every day of the week so you won’t have to go very far if you are feeling lazy.

Take advantage of your student ID

As mentioned earlier, many bars and restaurants offer exclusive student discounts. But it doesn’t stop there! From the bus service, to haircuts, to clothing and daily necessities you can almost get a discount on anything. Don’t be afraid to ask everywhere, as its not always clearly advertised. Just think about all the extra money you will have for Yorkshire puddings! 

Be Prepared

If I had a pound for every time someone said “ 4 seasons in a day” I would be writing this blog from a superyacht in the Mediterranean! The weather here in the north can be at times beautifully unpredictable. Just be sure to have sun protection, rain protection & wind protection close by at all times. A good rain jacket in your rucksack is a top tip to avoid getting caught out on your daily adventures.

Make the most of the city

 We are blessed here in York with some of the most amazing infrastructure, beautiful parks, and stunning scenery attracting tourist and travellers from near and far. With this being your new home, we highly recommend making the most of this great opportunity. What better way to break up studies than being a tourist and adventuring your own stunning back yard!

Rub shoulders with the locals

The northern folk are extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating. Most in the street or stores will be always up for a chat and to lend some local knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, directions or a quick conversation about the weather. In no time you will have your Yorkshire accent finely tuned.

Stay Astor

Need a place to stay? Whether you are looking for short- or long-term accommodation during your time in York, Our sociable and cozy hostel offers special weekly rates for students in 4/6 Bed Dorms. Wanna find out more? Email us to york@astorhostels.com and we’ll give you a hand with anything needed.

With these little tips and tricks up your sleeve, your transition into York life should be a bit easier and smoother. Before you know it you will be passing your knowledge of the beautiful city onto others, and never wanting to leave. Can’t wait to see you here for pint and a Yorkshire pudding! 



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