Halloween Costume Ideas for travelers on a budget

Posted October 4, 2019

 by the most broke of all backpackers Jay Romeo – Astor York

With Halloween just around the corner, its time to start thinking about what to do, where to go, but most importantly, what to wear! Living out of a suitcase or backpack makes things hard but fear not! Here are some great tips to win this year’s best dressed without breaking the bank or filling up the last inch of your suitcase!

White Sheet

Most hostels will have an abundance of white sheets, which I’m sure if you ask kindly enough a lovely housekeeper might be able to spare you one. White sheets have endless possibilities when it comes to Halloween costumes, and act as a great foundation for a spooky, spectacular outfit. The easy ghost costume is s Halloween classic, but don’t rule out the possibilities of a naughty nun, terrible toga or a frightening bride! Who’s not frightened by the thought of marriage right!?

Bin Liner

Cheap if not free the black bin liner is a great base for some fantastic Halloween costume ideas. Again, most hostels will have them readily available, if not they can be purchased from the local store for less than a couple squids! The bin liner can be minorly accessorised into a decent costume, or highly manipulated with some hostel arts and craft into a huge Halloween showstopper! A dark witchy and possessed bride or a skeleton (white tape bones on the bin liner) are some great & easy ideas if your short on time, or even just go as “single-use plastic”, that’s damn scary these days!

Face / Body Paint

My personal favourite, and the most fun you can have at a Halloween party with your clothes on! Face paint can be bought from any Poundland, costume shop, or arts and craft dealer for less than a couple pounds and the possibilities are literally endless. Whether you have an artistic bone in your body or not, there’s a lot of hostel fun that can be had in painting yours, and other fellow travellers face and bodies! Some popular ideas include the sexy skeleton, Day of the dead, Flirty Frankenstein or the Persistent pumpkin!


Anyone that knows fashion, and or Halloween would know that 2019 is all about accessorising! Just by adding a little scare or flare to what’s already in your suitcase, you can put yourself in a good position for scoring some silverware at this year’s best dressed. Things like a simple mask or a big wig are great items to add to completely transform your day to day attire into a hostel winning outfit and score you a snog at the club afterwards!

By following these few simple suggestions and adding your own sprinkle of frightening and fabulous creativity, your sure to have an amazing Halloween costume this year, for as little as a couple of pounds! Be sure to not hold back, and have a lot of fun with it, it’s the one day of the year we are all allowed to be a bit crazy! As always don’t forget your camera, there are bound to be some great Instagram and Tinder pics from the night!



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